There are 3 kinds of people: The Creative, The Destructive I Perditempo.

There are 3 kinds of people: The Creative, The Destructive I Perditempo - to which you belong?

There are 3 kinds of people:
 The Creative, The Destructive I Perditempo.

Creative people  are those who are already in an early age until now create, build, invent, modify, process, settle, adjust, etc.. 
already is easily recognized by children for their skills as group leaders and inventors.
They are endowed with brilliant engineering , prepared to create groups of people, invent new games and pastimes, view and edit.
Skilled to keep happy and in harmony groups, event organizers, parties, groups.

Unfortunately, wrapped attract the attention of boys destructive for protagonism or large envy seek in all ways to destroy them and what they create ... This happens even among adults .. with cunning and cruelty

These people are to follow and imitate, not to envy and hamper ... they bring joy and happiness to the people around you and the world.

The destructive  are  those who are already at a tender age up to now destroy, ruin the plans of others, they feel much envy, hate the building, put people against each other, speak evil of all, you always complain about things that do not go , always say that doing good is useless, living evil and always hope that others are worse than they are, they hate and destroy unions and groups of people. (Keep away from people as possible).
 seem people do not attend it? but history reminds us that many leaders were followed by destructive people and armies ... So be conscious of who you are in front and those who are following or attending ...
These people are the generators of negativity for all those who approach them and nourish them .... 
 or convert them if they are dear to you ... or avoid them!

All destructive or evil are divided into two categories: 

The stupid and ignorant bad that unfortunately are the first existential cycle of life / death, therefore, their intelligence and consciousness has yet to evolve .. They do not understand at all the mechanism of the system in which we live and the laws of cause / effect thinking to suffer for fault of others, so criticize, envy and destroy the happiness of others ... They will understand after many lives (or, if lucky in this life) to blame for their suffering is their only! being stuck in an organized system, where they are unconscious pawns.

then there are the bad guys smart  they are familiar with the system in which we live (  see men robots ) and some are neither head .... They yield the masses of poor and ignorant wasters to get to their goals ...
You want to know what their main purpose?
's not the money ... since paper money is not equivalent ... is the power!  power sucks vital energy to every person scary!
Want an example? Analyze the geriarchia of your company or business ... 
The fear leaves them weak and disoriented ... and they know it .... 

The PERDITEMPO  are  those who are already at a tender age to date are losing time to other people .... They do not bring to a conclusion the plans and ideas of other people ... This type of wound is useful because people waste time ago also destructive, slowing their evil plans ... 
I am perpetually undecided and have no initiative or ideas ... are just a number for the company and for that command .. are managed by the system of slavery because perform all orders like robots without rebelling ... Are those who occupy places of responsibility and control in this society .... usually are your leaders ... 

The good news
The universe is evolving not destruction (by the law nor destroyed)
Even the human being with his own conscience fueled by knowledge is evolving ...
So the evil and 'ignorance is bound to end ...
Here's an example:
Many destructive and time consuming have been converted to construction ... 

There is no constructive (unless manipulated by destructive) that become destructive ...
Even if a person thinks good to change in negative ... there will never ... will always be good and incapable of evil.

We welcome comments here below ....

I did not want to deepen the article to make it easy for everyone ... for further information are available for meetings and seminars free of charge .. (Not because I'm worth ... but just because I hate money and those who believe) 
         Raymond Bard wellness coach
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