04 ottobre 2012

MEN ROBOT by Raymond Bard

             MEN ROBOT
                                                          Raymond Bard Who are the men robot? 


There are actually men and women who act like robots?

bet that going forward with this article of mine you'll swear you have known someone? 

The character of an individual:
Some say that we are all equal and that constantly changing character as you make choices and experiences. 

Someone says that we are the result of two genetic combinations (mother and father) reflecting the two parents, plus the environment in which we live and the experiences of the rest. 

Others speak of a certain number of lives to go to evolve our consciousness, to extinguish the cycle of life to be pure energy .. 

Become pure energy or get to the end of their life with death many mystical powers available is not for everyone ... some of us may be close to the goal .... But theartificial system of slavery that we have tailored you will slow down to a few years or life .. 

Someone  wants individuals rational ubidiscano that the system of global governance. 
Creative people, brilliant, receptive will be extinct from this planet! 
artificial system has arranged for many years to eliminate them .. 

Some people are different!

(According to my sources have a reliable DNA different from the others) 
These kids then become adults have characteristics that distinguish them from others.they are

Several parents,  
 impassive experiences (positive or negative)  
without fear of the present and the future,  
wrapped isolated from everything and everyone,  
without love for animals, parents, siblings, friends .
Such individuals have excellent concentration,  

at an early age can set objects and people around the world can not distract,  
iescono to perceive all the details and store them forever. 
They sleep a few hours, hardly ever or never dream of. 
Pineal absent or calcified. 

These individuals have an analytical mind or rational well-developed, underdeveloped and the reactive mind, are less sensitive, receptive, psychics, dreamers.

analytical mind or rational analyzes this data to the brain with absolute precision as a calculator, computer or robot, the analytical mind always processes with absolute precision and leads to mental or physical perfect answer!

reactive mind sets in motion the mechanisms of defense when the person feels fear, discomfort, pain, very hungry.
's mind reactive alarm conditions mentioned above disconnects most of the rational mind to focus on a 'hyper production of hormones and neuro-muscular reactions set in motion accelerated heartbeat, dilated pupils, increased body temperature, blood flow to the extremities of the body, etc. . that is all that can be used to activate the race, fighting, hunting, etc. (ie, survival).  

primitive In an era where death was around the corner from a reactive mind ready and trained would have saved from certain death, not today! 
Some of you may have already experienced some of the symptoms mentioned above in moments of anxiety, fear, pain, etc.. here that is your reactive mind. As you probably realize that an individual with the reactive mind is undeveloped free from fear, anxiety, low self-esteem, mental confusion and lack of sensitivity to the feelings and external dangers.
Surely these people today have some problems to live in the jungle or in the bronx in the north of Manhattan.


- analytical mind than the ordinary
- Earn money very easily
- Power of persuasion and control to others
- Great organizational skills and tactics in the long term
- Lots of memory and computation speed
- Face dangers and unpleasant situations with calm and cool
- I do not suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, tachycardia, hypertension.
- sleeps a few hours and does not dream
- does not know tiredness from work and other stress
- does not suffer much from the lack or loss of friends and family .
- Immune system and nervous optimal WHAT MEN DO NOT ROBOT: - They can not love anyone NEAC their partners and children - They think partners and children as soldiers - and they do not kiss anyone stroking - do not feel affection and compassion for no - I am not able to have good sex - have little muscle strength - Do not feel emotions and mercy for anybody - I do not like being in a group with other people - but people do not have friends to use

- love plot and organize plans for destruction  
- Amano subjugate other people 
- like power over everything and everyone. 
- They hate animals and have compassion for their suffering

At this point you will come to think of someone ......
But you should know that the real robot first level, we do not see them ever between us ...... They created the system of programmed this world, they are above governments. 

Who are they? 
They are part of the program's artificial system of slavery

is the powerful  of the world  or their servants. 
Who controls are unnamed, the illuminati, the reptilians , the new world order, extraterrestrial ... that is, those who pull the strings of the global economy on the hunt for vital energy.   
Surely those of us normal people are their kids!! 

They are the ones that feed on the life force energy ... those who benefit from our suffering ... 

Once the powerful used the whip to work the slaves ... 
In the days use colored paper not equivalent for us to work and produce their wealth .. 

Sò many other things that I will publish in another time ...  

I also know that a good lie is easier to digest a bitter truth .. 

however I am always available for seminars or meetings with my users raymondbard@hotmail.it

Article by Raymond Bard continues .................

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